Our Story of How We Finally Saved Our Kitties from Their Bladder Problems

It started with our first Kitty Romeo, he was a Flame Point Himalayan. Around the age of 4 he started developing bladder problems which consisted of multiple cases of bladder infections and bladder stones. After many cases and infections we proceeded with a P.U. surgery where the vet makes it easier for stones to be passed by cutting the tip of his member off which makes the urinary passage larger.

This helped Romeo for several months until one day he started to act very sluggish. He slept all the time, didnt want to eat, and he had a foul smell coming from his mouth, then he started to have trouble walking, we rushed him to the emergency pet hospital , he stayed the weekend and we found out that his kidneys had shut down. We picked him up monday morning and brought him to our normal vet where they were going to run some tests and try to see if they could find a block that could be causing the kidneys to shut down. Sadly he did not make it. We took Romeo home after his levels droped dangerously low so that he could be at home when he passed with his brother Gizmo our Blue Point Himalayan, who was 2 years old at the time. Romeo died June 12, 2006 at 7 years of age.

Later that summer we brought home a new kitten, we couldn't bear to have Gizzy without someone to play with, so along came Leonardo DaVinci (Leo) our Seal Point Himalayan . Soon after that Gizzy started having bladder infection after bladder infection, being treated with the orbax as usual which usually does wonders, but he just kept getting the infections.

He eventually got a mucus plug also which had to be removed during an overnight stay at the emergency vet after showing signs of pain ( trouble walking, straining etc) . In August 2007 after the mucus plug incident, gizzy also had the P.U surgery as a preventative measure. Problems still continued, we decided to have a specialist come in in december and perform and ultrasound which found many tiny stones in his bladder. In Late december we had the stones removed and analyized we were told he could still eat everything he was eating just drink distilled water. Things were ok for about a month, the problems came back. One day we decided to get a second opinon, we took Gizmo to the Banfield Pet Hospital at Pets Mart. They have ultrasounds on site, they found another stone in his bladder, this was causing all the problems. They also advised us that we should not be feeding him what we were especially the canned cat tuna which our cats love! Everything was to be cut out and he was to be on a strict diet.

It is a miracle that we took gizmo to the Banfield Pet Hospital, both Leo and Gizmo now only eat the prescribed food which is the Royal Canin Urinary SO dry and wet food. This food breaks down any stones in the bladder and prevents any future ones from forming. It helps flush his system out. It has done wonders. We literally watched before our eyes the stone get smaller and disappear. Now neither of the cats eat tuna. Its just Royal Canin Urinary SO and it saved their lives.

Update: Years have passed and Gizmo has never had a urinary problem again. Is it a miracle? I would say YES! Also our 3rd Persian Himalayan cat has NEVER had problems. All 3 are Males. The Royal Canin Urinary SO dry cat food is ALL they eat. Imagine going from weekly urinary problems to never having a problem again.

It brings us comfort to know that Romeo did NOT die in vain. Through the power of the internet we get many people searching about this exact problems with their cats. I think Romeo's story and our discovery after spending thousands of dollars on surgeries and 2nd opinions, will help save the lives of many many cats. Rest In Peace Romeo, we will always love you, and I'm sorry for being mad at you when you peed on the carpet. You were the best cat a family could ever have.

Tips and Hints

It took some time to learn warning signs but now we know them, you should too:

- Unless your cat is brand new to your home, if the cat goes to the bathroom right in front of you, or in front of the TV so you will see it, the cat is NOT doing it to be bad. This is how our cat Romeo was trying to tell us that he had a bladder problem. Take him to the vet.

- trying to go every couple minutes usually means a bladder infection

- sitting in the box for extremely long periods of time could mean theres a block, if this is the case go to the doctor immediately blocks can be fatal

- trying to go and nothing comes out , could be a block

- trouble walking , go the doctor immediately

- urinating outside of the box could mean that something is wrong they may be trying to show you, ex: bladder infection

- any kind of fish is not good for cats, they are oily and are not good to eat

- pure bred cats require special attention and sometimes special diets, we finally found ours, ask your vet today

- If you have cats that throw up often or right after eating: Hairball controll food or laxatuna hairball gel will probably help. You can buy this gel at your local petstore for like $5. Don't just think your cat is trying to "eat too fast", chances are he needs help with his hairballs. You need to give him a small dose once a week probably.

If you have a success story with your cat, or our story has helped you: please email us at webmaster@firstclasslimos.net and tell us! Thanks! Jimmy and Laurel

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