Here's my 2003 custom Hummer H2:

6.0L Vortech V8 with around 350 horsepower and 410 lbs of torque
Corsa dual exhaust and Airaid intake
22 Inch American Racing Wolverine Chrome rims with big Nitto Terra Grappler tires - new for 2006
5 tv's, 7 inch Pioneer widescreen motorized flip screen up front with built in dvd player, and 4 7.2 inch widescreen monitors in the headrests
2 moonroofs, currently the largest size you can buy
4,000+ watts sound system, 2 12 inch kicker solo baric square subs (the squares surface area is close to that of a 15 inch round sub), 4 6.5 inch and 2 4.5 inch diamond multimedia mid speakers, 6 tweeters, custom pteam lettered box with yellow and black custom design
Playstation 2 and XBox with 2 wireless headphones and 3 normal headphones, the tv's are setup so that while one person is watching tv, another could be playing playstation and another could be listening to music, each tv having it's own headset
Chrome brush guard - new for 2006
All chrome front end, step bars, etc
It has all the stock options like heated seats in the front and rear, onstar, etc

After having 24 inch chrome on chrome spinners with skinny low profile sidwall tires, and 26 inch black rims with chrome spinners, I'm going with 22 Inch Rims for 2006 because I'm tired of low profile tires that can't take any abuse at all, and absolutly can't offrod. So I'm going with the Nitto Terra Grappler tires 325/50 R22 . Currently 22 inch rims are the largest you can go while still having big hummer-like tires and not skinny sidewall un-hummer-like pansy tires. Theres tires give it an awesome agressive look but are still great onroad unlike "mudder" tires.

Rent this vehicle for the day or night at .

Below is a pic of my hummer with my old 24 Inch spinner rims and my old brushguard.

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