* 2001 HUMMER 4 Door Convertible
* 3 Panasonic Tv's, 7 Inch wide screen up front, 2 5.6 inch tv's in the back of the headrests, Built in DVD player
* 3 10 inch Subwoofers / MTX 6000 Series with Moonsoon sound system with built in subwoofer's underneath back seats with new Panasonic Stereo and 3 amplifiers
* Custom made Black leather seats with yellow HUMMER stiching
* Recalibrated turbo/engine computer added adds 35 horsepower and 49/lb-ft of torque, along with K&N intake, boosts engine
* 6.5 Liter Turbocharged engine now has around 240 horsepower and 500/lb-ft of torque after customizations
* Chrome D-Ring Brush Gaurd added to front end and Chrome step bars added on side
* Wood Grain Interior , heated winshield
* Limo Tint on back 2 windows, and 35% on front 2 windows
* 17 inch rims with 37 inch tires, you can monitor tire pressure and inflate or deflate the tires while driving (for switching offroad to onroad, etc. for appropriate tire presssure)
* 2 gas tanks allow 500 miles before you have to get gas again
* 4 PIAA 60XT Series High Intensity ION fog lights on top of the Hummer and 2 PIAA 520 High Intensity ION fog lights in Chrome on the brush guard
* Tow winch to tow cars/maybe even small houses.. LOL :X

Below you can see pics of the wood grain interior and the TV's, DVD player, Playstation 2, and some of the subs.

Below you can see what the HUMMER looks like from behind with the convertible top down

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