2001 Porsche Carrera 911 Cabrolet

This car is a convertible and it also has a hardtop for the winter. It is a rear-engined car, meaning the engine is in the trunk and the trunk is in front under the hood. The 911 has a new B&B tri-flow exahaust with 4.5 inch chrome tips and a K&N High Air Flow Filter that bump the car to around 315 horsepower for a car that only weighs in around 3,100 lbs. The 911 is a 6 speed goes 0-60 mph in around 4.7 seconds stock, and top speed of 180 mph. The leather interior is accented by a customly designed exterior matching painted center console (between the seats) and the carbon fiber on the steering wheel with the gold Porsche emblem and carbon fiber also on around the radio area. I got new rims and tires, 18 inch Porsche 911 Turbo Chrome Wheels with 265/35 ZR rated Kuhmo Racing tires on the back, 235/40 tires on front. Other things include HID Xenon lights that electronicly move with the steering wheel and direction your driving, removable flip out CD player with digital 10 speaker sound system, digital and traditional guages, auto interior climate controls, among other things. The Porsche now has 3 alarm systems, the stock Porsche alarm (for use when you dont want the alarm going off but securly locked and monitored), a viper alarm for use when the car is bumped or broken into) and a motion/proximty sensor (for use when the top is down and you don't want people grabbing inside). This car is made in Germany and the key turns the ignition on the left side of the steering wheel, not the right, and the gas tank is in the front of the car. The windows automatically lower when you open the doors and raise when you close them (this is done for a perfect seal so no water will leak in, also so the window will not cut the top like in some other comvertables), the windows also automatically lower when you put the top down. It has an aerodynamic retractable spoiler that electronically comes up when you are traveling at speeds of 75 mph, and it goes back down at 50 mph, this makes the car more aerodynamic, adds alot of downforce to the rear of the car, and makes the car go faster all at the same time.

Below you can see the interior with the custom painted center console (between seats), gold Porsche emblemed steering wheel with carbon fiber,the carbon fiber around the radio area and carbon fiber doors. The power seats can go any direction and also inflate and deflate in any area of the seat.

Below you can see what the HID Xenon lights that electronicly move look like at night time.

Below are some pics of the 911 with that hardtop on...

Below you can see the spoiler when it is not elevated, and below is what the electronic spoiler looks like while traveling at 75 mph or above.

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